“Hello. I’m Ty Heth, and welcome to my website.”

That probably sounds pretty funny to those of you who know how absolutely computer illiterate I am. My good friends Bob and Julie Trezona have put this website together for me to keep everyone posted on what’s going on. Starting in May of 2016 and going through September we will offer a full schedule of events. To receive e-mail notification of events and up to the minute details, register your address with me or Julie (406-360-9484) trezona2@gmail.com.

New For 2016

I have partnered up with Carolyn Mack and her Homestead Ranch, located just East of Stevensville, Montana, to offer a new setting and experience.  We have scheduled six, one day Ranch Clinics designed to give us the opportunity to learn and apply good horsemanship skills in a real ranch environment. Also at The Homestead Ranch, a weekly Cow Working session will be held every Thursday morning.  My Home Arena on Treece Gulch Rd. will be the venue for Ground Work and Horsemanship Clinics as well as all group and private lessons.  It’s going to be a great year, come ride with us and have fun with your horse.  

 tysmileA little Information About Me And What I Do

My name is Ty Heth and I began training horses and starting colts for the public as a young man in 1988. In the last 27 years I’ve started over 5,000 unbroke horses, earned a living as a working cowboy, shown horses in cutting, working cow horse, ranch horse versatility and conducted horsemanship, cow working and ranch roping clinics in a dozen different states. I have been very fortunate in my life to work for, learn from and ride with some of the great hands like Tom Dorrance, Bryan Neubert, Joe Wolter, Tink Elordi, Martin Black, Mike Bridges, Dave Weaver and most importantly; Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman. Ray and Buck are my heroes and have been since my early 20s. What I learned from Ray Hunt about horse handling is what I try to live and teach every day. I’m sure mine is a sorry interpretation of what he tried to teach me but I’m going to keep learning, keep trying and keep improving every day till I’m dead. I feel absolutely blessed to earn a living for my family all these many years doing something that I truly love. I appreciate everyone who’s ever taken a clinic, a lesson or sent me a horse to ride. As long as you keep me in the horse business I’ll keep giving you your money’s worth and just maybe I’ll never have to grow up and get a real job. Bitchin’!!